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Men's Lacrosse Excellence Endowment

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Men's Lacrosse Excellence Endowment

RAISED: $153,409

*7/22 Update: We smashed our initial goal of $100,000!! Let's reach $250,000 in less than two years!


Inspired by the alumni of the Men’s Lacrosse team, Head Coach Albert Man created the UCSD Men’s Lacrosse Excellence Endowment – the first of its kind for the Sports Clubs program.

“Our seniors, like all our seniors before them, strive to leave the program better than they found it when they started. While they aren’t able to do that on the field this year due to the pandemic, they are helping with the creation and growth of this endowment so they can leave the Lacrosse program better than they found it, off the field.

The purpose of this UC San Diego Men’s Lacrosse Excellence Endowment is to support our quest for an MCLA National Championship while our program continues to produce the finest firefighters, entrepreneurs, doctors, surgeons, EMT’s, Navy Seals, high school principals, engineers, dentists, math teachers, lawyers, college professors, sons, husbands, and fathers.

This endowment will create a sustainable source of funding to support the Men’s Lacrosse team, now and in the future, for assistant coach stipends and other pressing team needs that are essential to the team’s competitive success and the quality of the student-athlete experience.”  


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For questions or more information on other ways to give (ie: stock gift, multi-year pledge, check, by phone, etc.), please contact Tiffany Ayres at or (858) 246-5217.



1) Class of 1990-1999: $27,600
2) Class of 2000-2009: $26,460
3) Class of 2010-2019: $7,050
4) Class of 1980-1989: $4,450


1) Class of 2000-2009: 49 Gifts
2) Class of 1990-1999: 27 Gifts
3) Class of 2010-2019: 22 Gifts
4) Class of 1980-1989: 11 Gifts


Jeremy Adams
Orion Alcalay
Forest Altherr
Geoffrey Appuhn
Dominic Ares
Manny Ares - In Honor of Jack Mangelsdorf
Peter Asher - In Honor of The Windmill
Tiffany Ayres
Jason Babineau
John Baptiste
Brian Bardellini
Brian Becerra
Brian Becerra
Brian Becerra
Phillip Behm - In Honor of UCSD Lax 2010
Ruth Bennington - In Honor of Peter Bennington and Michael Bennington, and all the great young men they played with.
Peter Bennington
James Black
Ben Bristow
Joe Brown - In Memory of Jack Mangelsdorf - Thanks Jack
Brad Bunten
David Butler
Deven Carroll - In Memory of Lax 2012 - miss you guys
Timothy Carter
Timothy Cheng - In Honor of The legendary Mantis defense.
Kyle Chiang
David Cook - In Honor of D-Click '95
Ryan De Leon
Nicholas Dean
Brendan Eckelman
Eric El-Tobgy - In Honor of UCSD Lacrosse Program
Ezra Felker
Jordan Feramisco - In Memory of FACT Performance
Chad Fondiller - In Honor of The Fonz
Philip Giron - In Honor of 1997 Whittier game
Dylan Goelz - In Honor of The good old days
Larry Goldstein - In Honor of The 82-83 Team
Mark Grismer
Paul Harkins
Sven Haynie
Gregory Hays
Brandon Hays
Erica Hays
Liz Henry - In Honor of Coach Al and all the coaches and MLax Officers I have had the pleasure of working with
Duane Herbst - In Honor of Brett Herbst
Michael Hight
Scott Hill - In Memory of James R. Hill a super father, Jan. 17 1935 - Dec. 31 2020
Chris Hodge - In Honor of All players who picked up lax while at UCSD
James Horna - In Honor of Jack; D-click; '95 run; 'noma beatdown on lil 3rd, smaller Revelle practice; Al & all
Benjamin Hulley
Mike Hunter
Kjax Inc.
Laura Johnes
James Kappler
Anonymous - In Honor of Patrick "P-Rick" Zhang
Adrienne Krolikowski - In Honor of Nick Krolikowski and all of his coaches & teammates
Matthew Lafiandra - In Honor of Ross, Al, Doogie and the work they do for the Alumni and program
Chris Leem
Tyler Lestak - In Honor of Goalies everywhere (especially Coach Al)
Timothy Leung
Dane Malone
Pj Masterson - In Memory of Eric Vytautis Zirgulis. May he rest in peace
Joe Mello - In Honor of Albert "The F-ing" Mann
Joe Mello - In Honor of spelling Al's last name wrong the first time.
Joe Mello - In Honor of Getting Mike Hunter out of jail in TJ
Joe Mello - In Memory of the eardrum I left on Spanos field. Valentine's Day 1999. Sonoma State walloped us.
Steve Melton
Robert Meraz (R.Meraz Pa-C Inc)
Juan Millan
Dayton Misfeldt
Andrew Moudakis
Scott Norman - In Memory of Jack Manglesdorf
Brett Northart
Sean Onodera
David Pogrel
Dash Pomerantz - In Honor of Triton Lacrosse
Jeffrey Pope
Anthony Prestigiacomo
Drew Reynolds
Timothy Riddle
Joseph Rotter
Matthew Rotz
Mary Tesoriero - In Honor of Nick Krolikowski, my grandson.
George Santellano - In Honor of all the lessons along the way
Anthony Sanzone - In Honor of Blake Lew
Mikel Savides - In Honor of Al and what the team meant to me during my final year at UCSD.
Alex Scott - In Memory of Al for always going the extra mile, and Joe Mello's eardrum.
Doug Shaddle - In Honor of Jack Mengelsdorf
Morgan Silldorff - In Honor of Tugboat's tugboat
Scott Simon
Andy Simon
Robert Slezak
Philip Smith
Mark Steele
Ross Stensrud
Jason Stockton
Wade Tam - In Honor of Mike Hunter's golden Honda.
Chad Taylor
Mary Tesoriero - In Honor of Nick Krolikowsi
Dylan Thompson - In Memory of my ACLs. RIP.
Matthew Tomaneng
Daniel Tullsen
Christopher Twomey
Gina Venier - In Honor of Kenneth Venier
Erik Wackenstedt - In Honor of Ono Finding a creative spot to store his eyeglasses in Vancouver
Justin Wahl
Chris Washington
Willem Westra - In Honor of The enduring LAX program Dr. Man and his team have built at UCSD
Brett Williams - In Memory of Broken Canadian windows. For the record I donated $1 more than Ono & Babineau.
Nader Yermian
Patrick Zhang
James Horna - in honor of The.D. Click
Duane Herbst
Mary Tesoriero
Matthew Tomaneng
Darren Stensrud - In honor of Sauce Rensrud
Anna Scipione
Carolyn Dartt
Anonymous - In Honor of Patrick "P-Rick" Zhang
Zachary Taylor
Robert Slezak
Brian Becerra
Zachary Taylor
James Horna - In honor of Current Team
Brett Williams
Sven Haynie
Timothy Carter
Ray Naguiat - In honor of Mr. Albert K. H. Man
Jeffrey Pope
Stephanie Montague
Christopher Twomey
Juan Millan
Ned Harvey
Manny Ares
Philip Giron
Philip Smith
Michael Gervase
Bill Travers - in honor of the Inaugural '81 team
Scott Norman - In memory of Jack Manglesdorf
Andrea Shultz
Mark Grismer
Lyle Tomlinson

Scott Hill - In memory of James Hill
Theodore Shultz - In honor of Mr. Maximilian T. Shultz
Horizon Production Resources LLC - In honor of Mr. Jarett M. Smith
Adrienne Krolikowski - In honor of Nick C. Krolikowski
Cathleen and Joseph Reid - In honor of Finn Reid
Leigh Weinshelbaum - In honor of Austin Weinshelbaum
Brad Wong - In honor of Mr. Ethan J. Wong
Antonia Von Gottberg - In honor of Mr. Max Von Gottberg
Scott Hill - In memory of Mark Saudauski
Diane Redford - In honor of Trevor Redford
Duane and Janet Herbst - In honor of Mr. Brett W. Herbst
Rhonda Fleming-Brinson - In honor of Mr. Ian A. Fleming
John and Nicolette Kubeck - In Honor Of Daniel Kubeck
Ezra Felker - In honor of Mr. Miles H. Felker
Anand Mysorekar
Morgan Seaburg


If you have pictures and/or testimonials about your experience with UCSD Lacrosse that you would like to add to this page, please email it to Tiffany Ayres at and she will post it below.

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