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Supporting Veteran Student Success

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Supporting Veteran Student Success

UC San Diego is home to one of the largest military-affiliated undergraduate communities of any University of California campus. That’s 2,300 scholars who are dependents of service members and more than 300 who are active duty and veterans themselves.

Anyone who knows and loves someone who served also knows their courage begets unique challenges. The Student Veterans Resource Center (SVRC) provides community and valuable resources for student veterans, active duty service members, reserves and family members. Our goal is to assist our students as they transition from a military environment to campus life and provide them with the support they need to complete their degree, foster a supportive community and gain the skills and knowledge they need for a successful life.

A gift to the SVRC supports services like:

  • Scholarships and short-term loans so student veterans can complete their degree, even after they have exhausted their GI Bill benefits.
  • Transitional support programs to ensure student veterans receive adequate peer, academic and professional assistance.
  • Full-time academic and career coaches who manage internship opportunities and career and networking events for military-connected students.
  • Mental health services that foster awareness and community-based interventions.
  • Disability accommodations and diagnostic testing for injuries, impairments or learning disabilities to ensure success.
  • Financial support to pay for alternative health and wellness treatments for relief from symptoms that have not responded to traditional health treatments.
  • Childcare subsidies to help student veteran parents meet their childcare needs and focus on their studies

Join us

Support our campus' military-connected student population by making a gift today! With your help, we will continue to provide services, programs, and resources tailored to their unique needs and circumstances for decades to come. Your generosity will also allow us to create additional tools and opportunities for their lifelong success.

Learn more about the Student Veterans Resource Center (SVRC)


Did you know that many employers offer matching funds that may double or triple any charitable contributions made by their employees? Visit our Employer Matching Gifts Program page to find out more and to see if your company is a participant.

If you have questions or would like to learn about other ways to give, please contact Tiffany Ayres at or (858) 246-5217.

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