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Support Students in Memory of Alice Wu

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Support Engineering students interested in humanitarian causes, like Alice did.

Support Students in Memory of Alice Wu

Support Diversity and Humanitarianism in the Computer Science Field

The Alice Y. Wu Memorial Award is open to undergraduate students who are juniors or seniors with demonstrated academic success, and who are Computer Science majors. More specifically, the award aims to support those students in Computer Science who are also involved in campus, community leadership or volunteer experience with humanitarian causes. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering will nominate and select the deserving recipient(s).

Want to Support Diversity and Humanitarianism in the Computer Science Field?

The Jacobs School of Engineering ranks #2 in California and #2 on the West Coast for bachelor’s degrees in engineering and computer science awarded to women. More work is needed to support underrepresented computer science majors across the state:
  • Women: 18%
  • Latinx: 6%
  • Black and Native American: each less than 1%
UC San Diego prioritizes volunteerism and service learning, which is reflected by the University’s #1 ranking in the Washington Monthly for community service. Help us reach our goal by making a donation to the Alice Y. Wu Memorial Award!

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About the Memorial Award

Alice Y. Wu was an amazing individual whose spirit continues to impact our lives every day. She was a talented software engineer with a big heart and a commitment to helping the underserved. With this award, we hope to honor Alice's legacy and motivate other students to grow academically but also socially.

About Alice

Alice was the first child of Chinese parents who emigrated from Guangzhou to Cupertino, California when she was five years old. While obtaining her bachelor’s degree in computer science at UC San Diego, Alice was very involved on campus, balancing studies and extracurriculars. She joined the Kappa Zeta Phi sorority, serving as Vice President of Community Service, sang with two a cappella choirs, volunteered at the Friends of Cats animal shelter, worked as a computer science tutor, and worked as an engineering intern at Broadcom Corporation.

Alice spent nearly five years as a software engineer at Intuit. She was highly regarded by everyone who was fortunate enough to work with her because of her talent, high sense of accountability, and teamwork.

Alice’s kindness and humanistic philosophy touched the lives of many. She mentored college students and high school girls in science and technology, and was dedicated to upholding her causes of human rights, education, and environmental issues. Read her full bio here.

On behalf of her family and friends, thank you for joining our effort.


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Watch the 2022 Alice Wu Memorial award ceremony see here.

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