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The Basement: Support our Students - The Leaders of Tomorrow

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The Basement: Support our Students - The Leaders of Tomorrow

Help empower innovative student entrepreneurs through hands-on and experiential learning.

The Basement: Support our Students - The Leaders of Tomorrow

Students learn many subjects at UC San Diego – engineering, medicine, psychology. Our campus is home to a variety of top programs, all respected throughout the world.

But what about skills? How do students learn the skills necessary to apply their academic knowledge in their futures?

The Basement is the place on campus where students come to develop these skills. In addition to supporting student changemakers and entrepreneurs, The Basement provides hands-on experience in public speaking, problem-solving, networking, teamwork, and other valuable skills.

Your contribution to The Basement during this limited-time Crowdsurf supports students putting their ideas into action.

Students come to The Basement with ideas – our mentors help the students push those ideas forward.

This Year’s Impact Data Highlights :

  • 880 mentoring hours with students
  • 69 student startup teams supported
  • 31 first-generation college students engaged
  • 29 jobs and 58 internships created by student startups
  • Library card access and ability to check out books
“As a first-time founder, The Basement has given me the opportunities, resources, and confidence to make it as an entrepreneur. The community support here has allowed me to see that my ideas are valid, and has pushed me to further my ideas in all the right ways. I couldn’t be more grateful for The Basement to exist on campus.” -Griffin Mittleman ’20


The Basement is expanding with a new space in the Design and Innovation Building (DIB) slated to open in 2021. The DIB will be the nexus of UC San Diego’s vibrant ecosystem, entrepreneurial network and experiential learning. Here, the next generation of changemakers will unite with other visionary thinkers and inventors.

As we grow into this new space and adapt to the changing needs of our communities, The Basement anticipates serving more students than ever before. The need for increased startup resources, prototyping supplies, software and equipment for students to build innovative solutions will continue to increase. Your philanthropic contribution will enable students to tackle societal challenges, like helping our cities respond to climate change by planning municipal microgrids to help reduce CO2 emissions with the City of San Diego, and develop novel solutions to help address them. We hope you will join us in helping our brightest student-innovators continue to build community and develop solutions to some of our world’s most pressing problems.

"Entrepreneurship is a superpower. It is the ability to see opportunities where others see only obstacles. And it can be learned! UC San Diego students have access to a powerful entrepreneurship resource in the Basement. With its diverse community of experts, innovators and change-agents, The Basement provides students with a safe space to take risks, fail fast and pivot – all essential skills to succeed in an ever-unpredictable world. Whether they start their own companies or join one, the UC San Diego Basement empowers students from all disciplines with the confidence, agility and critical thinking to join the Innovation Workforce of the Future.”

-Pelin Thorogood, Co-founder & Exec Chair @Radicle Science, UC San Diego Foundation Trustee, Big Data Trailblazer

We continue to nurture thousands of bright designers, creators and inventors to explore entrepreneurial career paths. Together, we are part of an innovation ecosystem advancing experiential learning and enriching our community.

From the very beginning, philanthropic support positioned The Basement to become one of San Diego’s top startup incubators and accelerators. By supporting The Basement, you can help these students pitch ideas, rethink strategies and drive toward new concepts.

100% of your gift goes directly to support the students. Thank you for supporting UC San Diego’s pioneering spirit.


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