Thank you for looking to honor your 2018 UC San Diego graduate. This project has come to a close, but you can still make a gift in honor of your student here:

Honor Your 2018 Graduate

Support UC San Diego

Honor Your 2018 Graduate

You’ve accomplished something extraordinary: You raised a child who is now a successful graduate of one of the finest universities in the world. Congratulations to you and your family!

With commencement upon us, there’s still one more experience we’d like every student to leave with, and it’s inspired by you: the impact of giving. To honor your graduate, would you consider making a gift to the Parents Fund, their College Innovation Fund, or an area on campus that is especially meaningful, so that we can tell your graduate about your thoughtful generosity?

Families set the most powerful examples for their children, so your gift starts a tradition of supporting UC San Diego. To grow and sustain our global reputation, the university increasingly relies on alumni, families, and friends who support the higher level of excellence we provide for our students and their professors.

Soon after graduation, when the excitement has settled, your graduate will receive an email saying you’ve made a gift in their honor. Your gift might inspire your student to make their own Senior Gift and be entered to win reserved seating at commencement for you!

Thank you, and again, congratulations to you for raising a UC San Diego graduate!

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