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Team Mantis Shrimp

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Team Mantis Shrimp

Alias: Mantis shrimp

Real name: Lysiosquilina maculata

Type: Benthic invertebrate


There’s no doubt about it; the mantis shrimp definitely takes the win for its super vision. Here’s why: While human eyes have three types of light-detecting cells that work together to see color, the mantis shrimp has 12. TWELVE. That’s a lot more compared to fish, birds and reptiles, who have four, or even butterflies, who have five. Can you imagine seeing the world in such vivid colors? We’d be able to tell the difference between lilac and lavender, just like that! (Is there really a difference? Wait, don’t answer that.)


With its trinocular eyes (ours are binocular) helping it gauge depth and distance better than any other creature in the animal kingdom, the small AND mighty mantis shrimp rules. To top it off, these carnivorous predators have extremely fast arms to help them hunt their prey.


Vote now if you’re #TeamMantisShrimp all the way and can clearly see why this creature needs to win!

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