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Team Stargazer

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Team Stargazer

Alias: Stargazer

Real name: Astroscopus zephyreus

Type: Marine vertebrate


Don’t be fooled by its name. The stargazer, despite what it’s called, does not spend its time gazing up at the cosmos. It could take it up as a hobby, but seeing as it spends most of its time buried in the sand waiting to ambush prey, it might be better off picking up something a little less visible — say, hide-and-seek.


Although not the most pleasant to look at, this sea creature, with its superpower of electricity, is a certified triple threat. If an aggressive fish dares to approach its hiding spot, the stargazer can shoot an electrical current — up to 50 volts — from organs behind its eyes. What a shocker, right? (Pun very much intended.) Its prey will feel the stargazer before it even sees it. This expert hunter also has venomous spines on the base of its pectoral fins.


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