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Team Portuguese Man o’ War

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Team Portuguese Man o’ War

Alias: Portuguese Man o’ War

Real name: Physalia physalis

Type: Pelagic invertebrate


If it looks like a jellyfish, it must be a jellyfish, right? Not exactly. The Portuguese Man o’ War is actually a colony of connected animals that work together as a team to sustain each other. Certain groups have certain roles; some keep the colony afloat, while others digest, reproduce or defend the group.


These defenders may not have Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist on their team, but they do have a very powerful way of protecting themselves: toxic venom. Stinging cells called nematocysts shoot a tiny, venomous harpoon that sticks in prey. Even in its death, the Portuguese Man o’ War continues to defend itself. If you see one washed up on the beach, refrain from touching it, as it can still deliver a sting. With a name like Portuguese Man o’ War, you can bet that it’ll be excruciatingly painful.


It’s time to unite, #TeamManOWar, for the battle to the top is on. Vote for your favorite sea creature now!

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