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Team Moray Eel

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Team Moray Eel

Alias: Moral Eel

Real name: Enchelycore octaviana

Type: Marine vertebrate


When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore. But when a fish bites your heel and it looks like an eel that’s … a moray.


Ah, the Moray Eel. Aside from being the subject of memes and puns, little is known about this cave-dwelling elongated fish that harbors a very unique superpower.


Are you ready for this?


It has not one but two sets of jaws. Double ouch! It’s basically a swimming Xenomorph from “Alien.” Not so funny now, is it? The first jaw works to grab its prey. The second jaw, hidden further down in its throat, lunges forward to pull its meal down to its stomach. Coupled with backward-curving teeth, this jaw-dropping adaptation makes the Moray Eel the top predator on coral reefs.


If you like a creature that looks mellow but has a super powerful bite, you need to be on #TeamMorayEel. Vote now!

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