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Team Pyrosomes

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Team Pyrosomes

Alias: Pyrosomes

Real name: P. atlanticum

Type: Pelagic invertebrate


With a name meaning “fire body,” you can already tell that the Pyrosomes’ superpower is going to be awesome. This colony of microscopic organisms glows in the dark!


When one of them begins to light up, the rest illuminate in response, producing a brilliant and sustained glow for great distances. This bioluminescence phenomenon can grow up to 60 feet long (about the length of a bowling lane), with an opening on one end large enough to fit a 6-foot-tall person. However, Pyrosomes are not hunters. They filter water to feed and propel underwater.


On a boat’s sonar, Pyrosomes look like a submarine. Many believe that a misidentification in the 1950s may have started a battle which led to the U.S. entering the Vietnam War.


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