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Happy Birthday to Alice!

May 12, 2020

Alice's birthday is May 13. I still miss her every day and think about where she'd be today. 


This Alice Y. Wu Memorial Award is the best way I found to continue the work she would have done to help those around her. I hope you feel similarly. 


Consider donating just $5 or $10 helps us get closer to our $25K goal. Request a matching gift with your employer too!


Take care,





Raising $25K Instead of $50K to Meet Endowment Goal

May 01, 2020

To turn Alice's memorial fund into an endowment at an earlier time, I have requested changing the Alice Y. Wu Memorial Scholarship to an annual award - Alice Y. Wu Memorial Award offered through the UC San Diego Department of Computer Science and Engineering.


Instead of raising $50,000, we will only need to raise half that amount — $25,000 within 10 years — to endow the Alice Y. Wu Memorial Award. This will make it significantly easier for young alumni to contribute and make sure Alice's fund lasts indefinitely.


Only Need $10K to Complete Alice's Memorial Fund


Hope you can help me finish her award soon! The pressure of $35K has decreased to a manageable $10K.


I've committed to donating at least $1K this year.


Would you be open to donating a comfortable amount to finish the award? Even $5 or $10 helps us get closer to that goal. If you can request a matching gift with your employer, that'd be great too!


And would you be open to sharing this link to encourage your friends and coworkers to donate so we can finish the award?


Thank you!



Thank You for Supporting Students Like Alice!

November 22, 2019

It warms my heart to share with you the first scholarship recipient to receive Alice's memorial scholarship this year. Joshua Quan is a senior who is majoring in Computer Science and volunteers as a tutor for CS foreach, which teaches computer science to underrepresented communities. 


Thanks so much for contributing to the scholarship; Alice's family and I are very grateful for your support. Read Joshua's thank-you note to all of you (his photo is below due to platform limitations).


Thank You From UC San Diego CS Major Joshua

Dear Donors,  

     I am honored to have been selected for the Alice Y. Wu Memorial scholarship. Your kind donation has lessened the financial burden of attending so that I can focus on my studies and contributing to my college community. I am a senior majoring in Computer Science with a GPA of 3.4. After I graduate, I plan to pursue a career in software engineering. In my college career, I have been a volunteer tutor for CS foreach, an organization that teaches computer science to underrepresented communities. 

     Through this organization, I have tutored for Knox Middle School’s Botball robotics competition, where I taught students how to write programs for robots. I currently tutor for the CSE department for introductory computer science to help new students adjust to programming. As a resident advisor at the Village, I help bring Village residents together as a community. I am also the president of the Video Game Development Club, where I help provide students with workshops and a community to creatively express themselves through making games. I hope to commit myself fully to these activities and my education so that I can best serve my community and prepare for my career in computer science.

     Thank you for your generosity and dedication towards students pursuing higher education. Through this donation, I am better able to focus on my college career so that I can pursue my education to its fullest. As I finish college and push towards my career, I hope to contribute to other students that are struggling financially in the same way that this scholarship has helped me. 



Joshua Quan


Consider Donating Every Year

Please consider making an annual donation, and applying for matching gifts if you work for a company which offers them, to continue Alice's legacy. Also, please share with anyone who wants to support underrepresented minorities in computer science/engineering: Alice's Scholarship at UC San Diego.


Thank you!            


Alice's Scholarship Featured in CSE Alumni Mag & MVHS Paper

April 11, 2019

Check out Alice's story and scholarship featured in two publications: 

Please continue spreading the word about Alice's scholarship!



Happy Holidays! Thanks for Making Alice's Scholarship a Reality

December 21, 2018

Creating a scholarship at UC San Diego in memory of Alice started out as a hopeful idea 2 months ago when I cold-emailed UC San Diego Foundation. Unlike most scholarships, which are donated by well-established alumni, this one has been a grassroots effort. It's the first of its kind to be set up through UCSD's Crowdsurf.


Thank you to YOU and to UC SAN DIEGO for believing in this cause!


If you know anyone who has considered supporting under-represented students (specifically computer science majors), while also getting a tax deduction before 2018 ends, please share this link for them to make a charitable donation:


And remember to check to see if your company doubles your donation!


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 



Let's Keep Going! Dream Goal: $50K Endowment

December 03, 2018

Great news to share. We've reached our goal of $6,000 for scholarships over the next three years. Thank YOU for making this happen!


UC San Diego is working with the Financial Aid & Scholarships office to offer the first ever Alice Y. Wu Memorial Scholarship by August 2019 to an under-represented computer science major with financial need and involvement in humanitarian efforts. 


Let's keep going to turn the scholarship into an endowment at $50,000, which means students can receive this special scholarship every year in perpetuity! This is the dream goal, and I will continue to campaign over the next few years to make this happen. 


Please continue doing your good work and sharing this link to encourage friends, family, and coworkers to keep Alice's good work alive through generations of under-represented students desiring a computer science degree:


Appreciate you all! 



Celebrate #GivingTuesday with Alice's Memorial Scholarship

November 26, 2018

Hi everyone,


Please share this link in celebration of #GivingTuesday with anyone who wants to donate in honor of Alice or support under-represented computer science students:  


Do you work at Intuit or companies that do matching gifts? Remember to double your donation by matching gifts with your employer. 


There are 2 weeks left in the campaign. Thank you all so much for supporting our efforts in memory of Alice. We're now 89% funded for our $6,000 initial goal with 45 donors. The scholarship is almost funded for 3 years. Our ultimate goal is to turn Alice's scholarship into an endowment at $50,000!


Lots of love,



Friend of Alice

Less Than 4 Weeks Left!

November 15, 2018

Thank you so much for contributing to Alice's scholarship and supporting my efforts to continue Alice's legacy. It means a lot to me that you took the time to show your support and I am so grateful for everyone's kindness. 


So far, the scholarship is 75% funded for our $6,000 goal, with 34 donors. We’ve funded the scholarship for two years!


Remember to match gifts with your employer. If you're applying for a corporate match, email Sue Martindale at to let her know the name of your work and she will watch for the match to come through.


We have 26 days left in the campaign. Please feel free share with anyone who may be interested in continuing Alice's good work and supporting under-represented students in the computer science field.



Friend of Alice

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