Building a Movement for Racial Justice

Building a Movement for Racial Justice

This moment in history has emphasized our nation’s need of a movement for racial justice. UC San Diego’s campus resource centers, programs, and equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives are an integral part of that movement as they promote inclusion and build affinity among a diverse population of students, faculty, and staff members. These resources provide access and social mobility for our growing community and contribute significantly to a socially just campus. Some of the resources on campus leading the way include:

Racial Equality and Justice Fund

Black Academic Excellence Initiative

Latinx Academic Excellence Initiative

Asian Pacific Islander Middle Eastern Desi American Programs and Services

Black Resource Center

Cross-Cultural Center

Intertribal Resource Center

LGBT Resource Center

Raza Resource Centro

Women’s Center

The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’s greatest reward is our community members feeling that UC San Diego is a place where they can flourish – in all of their full identities. However, true “inclusion” is never done. We continue to learn, grow, and create conditions for students, faculty and staff to succeed, and our resource centers, programs, and the Racial Equality and Justice Fund greatly assist us in the considerable work that still needs to be done.

Your gift matters, and will advance UC San Diego as a destination, where self-awareness is learned, academic excellence is supported, leaders are developed, and open dialogue is encouraged. Your support is a compassionate gift that empowers those who seek wellness and belonging, and pushes our movement for racial justice forward.

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