Student Basic Needs Services

Student Basic Needs Services

The Hub Basic Needs Center is a supportive space on campus, next to the Triton Food Pantry, that addresses the gaps and concerns students have with accessing nutritious food, stable housing and financial wellness resources. We are committed to raising awareness around the basic needs of UC San Diego students, marshalling resources so they can focus on their academic success.

The pandemic has placed even more stress on students facing increasing food and housing expenses, which causes distress and adversely affects their potential. We are working with a number of local, regional, and state partners to provide our students with vital resources to ensure they succeed. During the last academic year and from the start of the pandemic, The Hub Basic Needs Center rallied providing: 

  • 1,473 individual COVID-19 Special Relief Fund grants equaling approximately $1.7M to students for emergency relief due to the impacts of COVID-19.

  • Direct basic needs assistance to 5,723 students through one or more of the The Hub's basic needs service programs.

  • 1,407 students with CalFresh application assistance to receive California's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) grocery benefits to help supplement their food budget and buy food.

  • 17,034 lbs. of recovered food totaling 14,559 meals (1 meal = 1.17 lbs.) to students via our chapter of the Food Recovery Network.

  • 30-day Temporary Emergency Housing (at no cost) for over 40 students, including 1 on 1 support to secure permanent housing.

  • Complimentary toiletries, including toothpaste, dish soap, toilet paper, and deodorant to 230 students through our personal hygiene resources. 

These numbers continue to grow. Whether a student needs a toothbrush and blanket or a meal and temporary housing, your gift allows The Hub to address basic needs insecurities our students face, while fostering a sense of belonging and wellness for every student. This holiday season make a difference in the lives of students who need it most.

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