Black History Month

Equity in education doesn’t just happen; we have to create it. UC San Diego is advancing an inclusive community where all have the opportunity to thrive, and in honor of Black History Month we encourage you to support one of the key funds below that celebrate our Black community and move our mission forward. Your gift enables talented and motivated UC San Diego students to achieve their academic and professional dreams, while making a difference in society. 

Black Academic Excellence Initiative

The Black Academic Excellence Initiative’s goal is to promote inclusive excellence within a campus environment where UC San Diego’s Black community feels respected, valued, and able to thrive. Diversity of thought and ideas significantly enriches academics and improves the depth and breadth of the Triton experience for all students, faculty and staff. Our Black community thrives in an environment that welcomes and validates all of their identities while nurturing their academic and personal development. The initiative will direct resources towards programs and activities that emphasize and elevate the Black experience throughout the campus community.

Black History Month Scholarship

Established in honor of Joseph and Mary Watson, the Black History Month Scholarship supports current undergraduate students who are committed to diversity on campus, involved in the study of African-American history and culture and contribute significantly to the overall academic experience at UC San Diego through their research and community participation. Scholarship recipients are nominated by UC San Diego faculty for championing diversity, equity, education and access. These students often continue to work in their communities and encourage positive change in their environments, even after they graduate.

Black Resource Center

The Black Resource Center is a campus community center that serves everyone at UC San Diego while emphasizing the Black experience. It promotes scholarship, fosters leadership, and cultivates community for students through the committed, collaborative effort and support of faculty, staff and the broader UC San Diego community. Programming includes peer mentoring, career coaching, internships, social activities and an overnight program for admitted students.

Black Studies Project

The Black Studies Project (BSP) is an interdisciplinary and cross departmental research collaborative and center that includes faculty, graduate and undergraduate students from across campus. BSP provides a venue for rigorous and  groundbreaking research, intellectual exchange and a cross-campus community of scholars; the strengthening of undergraduate and graduate work in Black Studies; and the building of sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with broader San Diego and UC communities. BSP currently focuses on three areas of inquiry: intersectional analysis of race, class, gender, and sexuality; transnational and diasporic studies; and social justice movements. These areas are not only vital to contemporary African American and African Diaspora Studies, but are central to the study of black life, history, cultural production and politics in the US and globally.

UC San Diego Black Alumni Scholarships

UC San Diego Black Alumni Scholarships enhance diversity and inclusion on campus through scholarships with institutional academic support and enrichment for Black students. These scholarships seeks to expand our capacity to welcome more brilliant scholars into our Triton community. Gifts to the Black Alumni Scholarships cultivate UC San Diego’s diverse student body and ensure access to a world-class education to incoming students. To make a gift, please visit The San Diego Foundation Website here.

This online Crowdsurf is part of a month-long series held at UC San Diego in celebration of Black History Month. For a full list of events and to register for the Black History Month Celebration and Scholarship Ceremony on February 26, visit

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