Supporting GPS Students in Honor of Dean Peter Cowhey

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Supporting GPS Students in Honor of Dean Peter Cowhey

This year, the School of Global Policy and Strategy is proud to honor Dean Peter Cowhey as he retires after 19 years of exemplary service. As a leader, Dean Cowhey has always been a champion of student opportunity in supporting the development of outstanding graduates – and his leadership is reflected in our exceptional alumni. 

We invite you to join us in celebrating Dean Cowhey’s remarkable legacy by making a gift to the GPS Summer Internship Fund before April 24. With your help, together we can prepare a new generation of leaders ready to solve complex problems in a diverse and interconnected world. 

Summer internships immerse students in life-changing, hands-on experiences conducting research, shaping public policy, managing resources and engaging in public service across the globe. Students can gain valuable experience in their field without taking on additional financial burden. Gifts of all sizes create unforgettable opportunities for students, often a springboard into an exhilarating career.

Your generosity supports our holistic approach to the development of exceptional GPS graduates who are highly proficient data analysts, experienced problem-solvers, navigators of global systems, and culturally and linguistically versatile.

Thank you for supporting our students as they prepare to join you in unlocking bold solutions to society’s greatest challenges! 

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