Muir Musical Presents: Big Fish

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Muir Musical Presents: Big Fish

Who We Are

We are Muir Musical, a student organization devoted to producing a full-scale Broadway show each spring for the past 30 years. Our performances are completely student-produced and student-directed, making Muir Musical the only theatre company of its kind on the UC San Diego campus. Muir Musical is also the only musical theatre opportunity for students at UC San Diego, providing a vital creative outlet for theatre and non-theatre majors alike.

The Project

This year, Muir Musical has taken current events in stride and is putting together a completely digital production of Big Fish. Premiering on Broadway in 2013, Andrew Lippa and John August’s musical is based off August’s 2003 screenplay for Tim Burton’s film of the same name. A moving musical about the magic of storytelling and how the tales we tell shape the people we are, Big Fish tracks father and son pair Edward and Will Bloom through a journey of family, love, loss and hope. Filled with tons of fun and flights of fancy with a profoundly heartfelt ending, Big Fish touches on themes that have only become more important throughout the past year. It’s a journey that’s personal for many members of our crew and cast, and we hope the magic of the story will capture your heart the same way it has captured ours.

The Impact

We’re devoted to providing numerous learning and leadership opportunities on campus. As the only musical theatre organization on the UC San Diego campus, Muir Musical provides a place for students of all majors to collaborate and put on a beautiful production each year. Be it in Finance, Design, or Stage Management, Muir Musical has a place for everyone! Through our Department of Education and Outreach, we connect with high schools and local charities to help use our platform for the good of the local community.

What Your Gift Will Do

A show of this caliber would not be possible without the generous gifts we receive from people like you. Your gift will be used to fund departments including, but not limited to, Lighting, Scenic, Sound, Costumes, Marketing, and Hair and Makeup to help fulfill our vision and make this production spectacular! Additionally, by giving to our organization, you will be investing in something that us students need most—community. With the pandemic continuing to impact every aspect of student life, the investment of our campus friends goes a long way in supporting the traditions that make our university unique! As an added bonus, Muir Musical is a non-profit organization, so your donations are tax-deductible! Not only will your gift be greatly appreciated by those of us at Muir Musical, but also roughly 4,000 audience members—predominantly students—who come to enjoy our show every year.

Thank you for your support, and be sure to book your ticket here!

To keep informed about Muir Musical, visit our website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Get Us Out of the Woods

Muir Musical performed Into the Woods in 1992 and 1998. Your kind donation will help us get out of the woods!


Give a Grand “Willkommen”

Muir Musical performed Cabaret in 2001. Your amazing gift will enable Muir Musical to give a grand “willkommen” to this year’s audience!


Make Us So Much Better

Muir Musical performed Legally Blonde: The Musical in 2015. Your cherished gift will help us make our show “so much better!”


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In 2016, Muir Musical performed In the Heights! With your amazing donation, the production will run as smoothly as a record without a scratch.


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Jesus Christ Superstar was performed by Muir Musical in 2018. Your "Superstar" donation will help us reach this year's goal!

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