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Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship Match Campaign

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Meet the winners of this year’s Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship!

November 06, 2018

The Center for Networked Systems recognizes Anton Sydorenko (left, middle) and Adrian Mendoza (right, middle) for their commitment to their studies and the LGBT community. This year's award, supported by the Motorola Solutions Foundation, grants them each $5,000 toward their education and an opportunity to lead research under a mentor. Congratulations, Adrian and Anton!

The Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship, Thank You From the Recipient

April 30, 2018

The Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship Awarded to Valeria Gonzalez!

June 01, 2016
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Thank you for a successful crowdsourcing campaign and stay tuned for updates!

July 10, 2015

As we near the end of a successful crowdsourcing campaign, CNS Associate Director, George Porter, would like to thank you for your generous donations and update you on our next steps. 

Stay tuned for news regarding the first scholarship recipient to be selected in the Fall 2015 quarter!      

Thank you!


Almost halfway to our goal in the first week! Please encourage friends and family to contribute.

June 08, 2015

Thanks to all who helped make the first week of our launch a success!  At the end of the first week we’re 41% towards our goal of $42,400.  Help us reach the halfway mark this week by reaching out and sharing this with your networks. Encourage your friends and family to consider making a contribution, anything helps. It would mean a lot to us, and the world to a student. Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship Match Campaign  

First week video update. 

Press Releases, spread widely within your communities.

SheWired  | LGBT Weekly  | Calit2 NewsRoom   | UCSD News  


Show your support for inclusion and equality in computer science and engineering

June 15, 2015

This week, UC San Diego alumnus and Director of the Office of Engineering Computing for the Jacobs School, Dr David Hutches, talks about the power of overt support for the LGBT community. It's your choice! Donate today in any amount to the Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship to show your support for inclusion and equality in computer science and engineering.


Choose a giving level


Universal Turing Machine

Alan Turing wrote a paper in 1936 in which he presented the idea that forms the foundation of the modern computer: the "Universal Machine"- a machine that is capable of computing anything that is computable. Your contribution is greatly appreciated- with your generosity you are shaping the future!



Support the Allied effort by contributing! Your gift at this level helps us to break the code of silence and ensures that discrimination against members of the LGBT community in computer science and engineering will not continue.



Alan Turing led the design work for the Automatic Computing Engine (ACE), an innovative and seminal blueprint for stored-program computers that provides the basis for most computers currently in use today. Your contribution at this level helps us to build a strong foundation for our scholarship fund.


The Bombe!

The Bombe was an electromechanical device based upon Turing's design that was used to help decipher the German Enigma machine. A gift at this level is key to achieving our goal by providing one fourth of one scholarship for one student.



Turochamp was a chess playing computer program designed by Turing in 1950. A gift at this level will set us up for a check mate by providing half of one scholarship for one student.



Alan Turing was one of the founders of the study of artificial intelligence. Your contribution at this level shows a greater than human level of altruism and intelligence by providing one full scholarship for one year for one student.

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