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What is Crowdsurf?

Crowdsurf is UC San Diego’s crowdfunding initiative. But it’s much, much more than just a new way to raise money online. It’s a way to generate excitement, inspire participation, highlight the best of UC San Diego, model a culture of philanthropy, communicate and demonstrate impact, mobilize alumni and donor networks, and connect our donors directly to the innovative and meaningful work being done on our campus every day.

Here, you can help support a range of unique and diverse projects, student initiatives, and socially-compelling activities where your small (or large!) donation can make a tremendous impact.

What if the area I want to give to isn't listed as a fund, but I still want to participate in the campaign?

You can simply go to and use the drop-down menu to find the area you're most passionate about, and give back!

How is Crowdsurf different from other crowdfunding platforms?

Funds raised through Crowdsurf will directly benefit UC San Diego’s programs and organizations. All gifts will go directly to the fund which benefits the respective program or project you choose to support. This is a platform with a philanthropic intent, and recognition and stewardship is designed with that focus and purpose in mind. Finally, some projects will have deadlines and very specific goals, others may be ongoing.

How do I participate as a donor?

Once you have selected the project you would like to support, simply select your gift level and complete the secure process. Then be sure to spread the word! You can share your support of Crowdsurf projects on social media and via email, encouraging others to support great projects as well!

Where does my gift go?

Your gift will directly benefit the program/fund/project you choose. The project team receives every penny of what they raise.

Why isn't my gift going through?

Sometimes people may make a gift but have the amount appear on "hold" in their billing account or have the amount credited back to them. One of the most common reasons for incomplete transactions on Crowdsurf is because of incorrect billing information. Please make sure that the billing address completely matches the information associated with the card's account for best transaction results. 

What if I prefer to make my gift over the phone?

You can call Annual Giving at (858) 534-1610 to make your gift.

What happens if a project doesn’t reach its goal?

This is one of the ways Crowdsurf is a little different (and a lot better!) from other crowdfunding platforms. All gifts are processed directly by UC San Diego to the gift fund which benefits the respective program or project you choose to support, even if the goal isn't completely met. So your gift makes a difference, no matter what!

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! You will receive a receipt for your donation.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged at the time you make your gift.

How do I submit a project for Crowdsurf?

You can submit an application here. The Annual Giving team will review your submission and make contact to discuss within two weeks.

My question is apparently not frequently asked. Whom do I contact to get it answered?

Please email Annual Giving at or call (858) 534-1610.

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