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Support UC San Diego Student Veterans

Support UC San Diego

Support UC San Diego Student Veterans

Did you know? Approximately 1,600 military-affiliated students enrolled at UC San Diego in the fall of 2017 alone, and eight percent of that group are first-generation college students. So many of these students are motivated to succeed - 90 percent of new students plan on going to grad school - but need specific guidance to help them along. In honor of this year's Veterans' Day, support military veterans on our campus and provide them with the resources they need to reach their full potential.


Why You Should Help


There are several existing areas on campus that have helped former and current military-affiliated students succeed. The Military Veteran Scholarships Endowment provides deserving military scholars with financial support so that they can go on and achieve their dreams. Several students on campus credit their scholarships directly for their success:


“Financial support is putting me through school so that I don’t have to use my GI Bill to pay tuition.  I’m saving it for a master’s or PhD program.” -Hewson Nguyen, US Marine Corps Veteran, BS Electrical Engineering


“Financial assistance helped me pay for my car insurance, which I needed because I commute 30 minutes to campus each day.  My wife is also a full-time student at UC Santa Cruz, so we have to pay rent in two cities.  We wouldn’t be able to do that without the financial support we’ve received.  Scholarships and grants benefit student veterans because if they don’t have to worry about paying rent, food, or car insurance, they can focus on studying, graduate faster, and start working and contributing to society.” -Buyannemekh Tsogtbaatar, US Navy veteran, BS Biochemistry and Cell Biology.



The Student Veterans Resource Center ensures that military-affiliated students successfully make the transition from the military environment to campus life, and are assisted in their progress toward completing their academic degree. These skills are invaluable for veteran students:


“Veterans volunteer for four or more years to serve the USA. Many jobs, like infantry, don’t provide skills that are transferable to civilian life.  Any extra funding will help the veteran close the gap of skills and knowledge already attained by some of their peers.” -Christopher Schofield, US Marine Corps Veteran, BA Political Science


Veterans Ventures, a new program at the Rady School of Management, supports entrepreneurial efforts of veterans. It provides resources to help start companies, raise seed money, and push entrepreneurs in the right direction. Sean Haggarty (MBA '17), a former Navy SEAL, benefitted from resources like these to help him build San Diego's first organic beer company, Protector Brewery.



"Building a company has been as humbling as my experience in the military.  However, the support from the UC San Diego community and recognition for creating San Diego’s first and only organic beer company has made it all worthwhile.  


In my experience, there is an important commonality that links the journey of a SEAL and an Entrepreneur.  That commonality is that you can give up on your dream anytime you want.  The journey of a startup is so difficult that I often compared it to some hardships I endured when I was a Navy SEAL, just in different ways.  I have learned that pursuing the “why” with the right people will attract positive involvement in the community."


Read more of Sean's story here.


All of these resources help push our veteran students further and allow them to put their best foot forward on campus and beyond. Thank those who have served our country by making a gift today, and share this project with the hashtag #UCSDVeteransWeek!

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