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Mapping the Brain

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Mapping the Brain

A deep understanding of the brain—a brain map— will revolutionize how we treat patients with brain injury and disorders. This is why leaders at UCSD’s Center for Brain Activity Mapping and its San Diego BRAIN Consortium are investing their expertise and leveraging their talents to create the new field of neurotechnology.  Through this powerhouse of collaboration and focus, scientists and engineers will map the path to real breakthroughs in treating:

Brain Injury | Autism | Schizophrenia | Depression 

Addiction | Stroke | Alzheimer's | Parkinson's | Epilepsy

Researchers are on the threshold of incredible discovery and innovation. The Center for Brain Activity Mapping and the San Diego BRAIN Consortium – in partnership with our supporters – will place our region at the center of the next big development of a new sector with transformational potential for health care and, most importantly, patients’ lives.


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Myelin Sheath

A sheath of white, fatty protein (myelin) that covers and acts as an electrical insulator for nerve fibers.



A tiny gap between the ends of nerve fibers across which nerve impulses pass from one neuron to another; at the synapse, an impulse causes the release of a neurotransmitter, which diffuses across the gap and triggers an electrical impulse in the next neuron.



The long, hair like extension of a nerve cell that carries a message to a nearby nerve cell.


Glial Cell

Nerve tissue of the central nervous system other than the signal-transmitting neurons. These cells are found interspersed between the neurons (which transmit the nerve signals) & provide support & insulation to them.



A cell specialized to conduct and generate electrical impulses and to carry information from one part of the brain to another.



A chemical substance that is released at the end of a nerve fiber by the arrival of a nerve impulse and, by diffusing across the synapse or junction, causes the transfer of the impulse to another nerve fiber, a muscle fiber, or some other structure.


Neural Pathway

Connects one part of the nervous system with another via a bundle of neurons.

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